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1. Responsible for the development and maintenance of the Internet industrial customers, and complete the established sales targets;

2. Establish a deep cooperative relationship with the enterprise to solve all kinds of problems and challenges in the sales process;

3. Regular customer visits, set up a good cooperative relationship with the customers, a collection of first-line information and opinions and expand new customer resources.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, over 2 years of experience on the Internet;

2. Strong self-driving force, strong negotiation communication ability;

3. Good expression and interpersonal skills, and teamwork spirit;

4. Sales experience of the advertising platform of the effect class is preferred.


1. Insight into users' needs, fully excavate the advantages of the product, connect the users and the products;

2. Monitor users to use the data and feedback of the whole process to find out problems and opportunities that affect user transformation and order transformation;

3. Promote the landing and product optimization of new product functions, improve the transformation of new users and retain the old users;

4. Promote the construction and improvement of the operating tool system and improve the operation efficiency.


1. Bachelor's degree or above, over 3 years' experience in product operation or product planning;

2. Sensitive to users' needs and product thinking;

3. Good communication and teamwork ability.


1. Good at discovering customers' needs, and can communicate actively and effectively;

2. Development, management, and maintenance of the distributors;

3. Report and summarize the relevant work in a timely manner according to the requirements of the post;

4. Complete the sales target on time according to the annual market policy and sales task;

5. According to the requirements of Market Department, report the regional market situation regularly, including customer intention, channel information, and order taking and losing etc.;

6. Understand the company's product situation, and can explain and train the dealers.


1. Bachelor's degree or above majored in clinical medicine and another major;

2. Over 2 years of work experience in major health or medical industry channel management ;

3. Have good language expression, clear thinking, a strong sense of responsibility, and enterprising spirit.


1. Responsible for the embedded development of the products of digital mining equipment and sensors;

2. The optimization, upgrading, research and development of the data acquisition and transmission module of IOT;

3. Can undertake project development work, complete the software design, development and debugging;

4. Can solve the problems encountered in the use of products independently, make a summary and improvement;

5. Responsible for writing, sorting out and archiving related documents of embedded development.


1. Correspondence, electronics, computer and other related major, Bachelor's degree or above;

2. More than 2 years of working experience, proficient in C/C++; a successful output of product production;

3. Familiar with the principle of embedded system, mastering one or more skills of software development and optimization of knowledge based on MCU/DSP/ARM, with ARM development experience, familiarity with Visual DSP++, KEIL uVision, IAR is preferred, master device driver development, such as: FLASH, I2C, SPI, UART etc.;

4. Development experience of WiFi module or Bluetooth module is preferred;

5. Familiar with the framework and application of STM32 series processors;

6. Familiar with ZigBee related development and the development of host computer software;

7. Familiar with the knowledge of analog and digital circuits, and has rich experience in practical debugging of embedded system;

8. Down-to-earth, strong sense of responsibility, the spirit of study and teamwork spirit.


1. Responsible for the collection and arrangement of bidding materials in Market Department;

2. Responsible for the management of the production and performance of the report of Market Department;

3. Responsible for the preparation and management of market activities;

4. Management of the contract of Market Department;

5. Help the regional manager to check and collate the expense reimbursement;

6. Assist Marketing Department in carrying out the pre-sales and after-sales consultation of the products.


1. Associate Degree or above, marketing, business management related majors, more than two years of work experience, medical industry experience is preferred;

2. Open-minded, good at communication, strong sense of responsibility, strong enterprising spirit and language expression ability;

3. Love the industry, dare to challenge, have a good sense of team cooperation;

4. Have certain learning ability and executive ability can operate the office software skillfully.

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